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  • The World Financial Center- New York, New York
  • Duke University School of Medicine- Durham, North Carolina
  • The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History- Washington D.C.
  • The University of North Carolina Dental School- Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • The Kennedy Center of Performing Arts- Washington D.C.
  • US NAVY Medical Command- Fischer Houses- National
  • Princeton University Library- Princeton New Jersey
  • INTEL- Phoenix, Arizona
  • Novartis Pharmaceutical US Headquarters- East Hanover, New Jersey
  • Princeton University Chemistry Building
  • The Max Plank Institute- Jupiter, Florida
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A safe, cost effective, elegant solution
to smoke and fire safety.

US Smoke and Fire Curtain is the distributor of leading edge smoke and fire safety curtains. These products are produced by manufacturers who we feel meet the requirements for specific applications and fit our passive fire and smoke containment strategies. This technology is gaining rapid acceptance here in the U.S.A. in mission critical environments by Federal and State Agencies, Fire Protection Engineers, Architects and Building owners. Browse through our applications and see how curtain technology is being used to create spaces that are safe from smoke and fire hazards.

These are the key reasons for using smoke and fire curtains:

Rated for up to 1 or 2 hours Fail Safe Deployment
Two stage descent Spans up to 90 feet wide
Light-weight, hand liftable Integrates with existing fire alarm systems
Space efficient, requires as
little as 7" of plenum space
Provides BOTH smoke and fire protection
No stack space or floor space required

Multi-Level Atriums are the perfect application for smoke and fire curtains. Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology protects art and treasures
smoke and fire curtain technology enables people to escape from underground metro stations. Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology applied in malls and on escalators
Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology opens up hallways in hospitals Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology applied historic buildings
Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology provides protection in place in prisons Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology provides safe haven for Air Traffic Controllers
Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology Protects residents in high-rise condos Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology can be used to protect objects of terrorism
Smoke and Fire Curtain Technology integrate seamlessly with elevators. Smoke and Fire Curtains facilitate escape and prevent panic in theater situtations